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Private, faster, efficient
Human-Computer Network

Our groundbreaking communication innovation is 100 times more efficient. It confines the wearable computing signal network to the E-field bubble around you. Traditional wireless signal is inefficiently absorbed and directed 360 degrees around and the body.
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Ixana Silicon Chip for Human-computer Network

Our 4Mbit/s silicon chip is faster than Bluetooth, yet 100x lower power, lower latency and more reliable. Integrate it inside wearables, smartphones and other devices similar to how you’d integrate a wireless chip.

Chip Ixana

100X lower energy, 10x lower latency,
10x faster than BTLE and Wi-Fi

Real-time, wearable AIReal-time, wearable AI
All-day battery SmartglassAll-day battery Smartglass
Charging-free wearablesCharging-free wearables
Secure data privacySecure data privacy
Eliminates device pairingEliminates device pairing
Exchange data through touchExchange data through touch

Ixana's roadmap for high- speed
human-computer interaction

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Our mission

Create an electronic analog of human nervous system to 10x battery life of personal electronics today and unlock real-time brain-AI communication tomorrow

Build the future of high-speed human-computer interaction with the world’s most prolific innovators

Developing human-computer interfaces is an interdisciplinary challenge. We are looking for the world’s best engineers, scientists and operations masters.

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Blog Ixana

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Blog Ixana

Ixana's Wi-R Chip Wins Coveted CES®2024 Innovation Award

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