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Wi-R Applications

Search ButtonDistributed Wearable AIHigh-speed, low power Wi-R enables distributed AI with a wearable hub device.
Search ButtonAll-day AR HeadsetOffloading video processing with Distributed AI enables all-day AR.
Search Button5G Relayed WearablesHigh-speed distributed computation enables wearables to be empowered with 5G in the hub devices.
Search ButtonPairing-free ElectronicsStart using devices reliably as soon as you touch or wear them. No need to go through painful pairing each time.
Search ButtonCharging-free TrackersLow power Wi-R enables ultra-light motion trackers for the Metaverse, that you never have to take off.
Search ButtonCommunicate With TouchNew experiences leveraging data transfer with touch: share music with touch, protect valuables with tags.

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Embrace the next level of connectivity with Ixana's advanced solutions. Our technology sets new standards for efficiency and ease of use. Be at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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Revolutionize your mobile experience with seamless, high-speed connectivity.

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Immerse in unparalleled AR/VR experiences with lag-free, ultra-responsive technology.

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Enhance your lifestyle with wearables that communicate effortlessly at your touch.

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Elevate automated functionalities in vehicles with cutting-edge, wireless precision.

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Empower defense systems with ultra-secure, reliable wireless capabilities.

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Wi-R Technology White Paper

Wi-R is a new non-radiative near-field communication technology that uses Electro-Quasistatic (EQS) Fields for communication. The key differentiations that make Wi-R unique are as follows:

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