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Solving the problems of power, data rate, latency, and signal reliability that limit today's wearables

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8 years of Research and Development

We are often glued to our smartphones. Yet, we mostly interact with the smartphone "computer" by looking at a tiny 6-inch screen. The speed of today's human-computer interaction (HCI) is slow, similar to modems of the early 90s. This has bothered Ixana's co-founders for more than a decade. They have worked independently as well as together to make HCI faster, more effective, and more efficient.

The what and why of faster HCI have been clear for years. Faster modems led to Web1.0, fast cellular data led to Web 2.0. Faster HCI would herald new markets. But, how to significantly speed up human-computer interfaces eluded us until recently. Ixana's founder and CTO, Shreyas had the insight that distributed computing could transform HCI and high communication energy is the bottleneck to it. Realizing this, Shreyas and his research team invented Wi-R, an orders of magnitude energy-efficient and secure communication with transformative impact on HCI. Building on the insight and the inventions, the team at Ixana has already made significant strides towards making faster, more efficient HCI a reality.

Ixana team.

Angik Sarkar

Angik Sarkar

Co-Founder & CEO
Shreyas Sen

Shreyas Sen

Founder & CTO
Shovan Maity

Shovan Maity

Co-Founder & Head of Research
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Wi-R Science de-risked by Prof. Shreyas Sen at Purdue University








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