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Wireless for Body Area Network

The Innovation

Security and performance of wired communication with the convenience of wireless

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Introducing Wi-R

A fundamentally new wireless technology designed from the ground-up for Body Area Network Security and performance of wired communication with the convenience of wireless

Wire-like wireless

Traditional wireless signals radiate uniformly in every direction. The Bluetooth signal created on your phone can be accessed by anyone in a 5-10m radius. Alternatively, Wi-RTM confines the signal around the wearer`s E-Field surface. Your data signal is private from someone sitting at the next table.

Traditional WirelessWi-R™ Wireless
Wearable Ixana
Wearable Ixana

A Quantum Leap in Energy Efficiency over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Discover the game-changing advantage of Wi-R: a remarkable 100x increase in energy efficiency compared to traditional technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This unparalleled efficiency not only extends device longevity but also aligns with a sustainable future, setting Wi-R apart as a beacon of innovation in the connectivity landscape.


Breakthrough technology for high-
speed human-computer interaction

Our patented Wi-R technology delivers unique benefits over existing wireless

Wearable Ixana
CheckboxTouch Selectivity leading to touch detectionCheckboxHigh-speed, Low-powerCheckboxTouch Selectivity leading to touch detection

Wi-R Enables 100x Better,
Previously Unimaginable Experiences


  • Charging-free wearables
  • Real-time dashboard of health


  • Multiple wearables on-body
  • All-day AR smartglass


  • Offload compute from wearables to phone


Physically secure
  • Touch to securely pay, unlock doors, systems

Traditional wireless signal is available everywhere within a radius. Near-field communications simply reduce the radius. Such direction agnostic transmission is inherently inefficient. Designed for communications between wearables, Wi-R behaves as a wire by confining the signal in a bubble around you. This allows Wi-R to offer superior robustness, efficiency and touch selectivity.

Explore Ixana's Transformative Technology

Unlock the future of connectivity with Ixana. Our cutting-edge solutions redefine efficiency and precision in communication. From directed signals to touch interactions, our technology is the key to seamless connectivity.
Wearable Ixana
Wi-R today

Partners integrating Wi-R into smartphones, wearables and AR/VR headsets

Checkbox5Mbs production ready chip
Checkbox12 major device partners
CheckboxDefense contracts for Wi-R integration

Wi-R technology question answered.

What is non-radiative wireless?

Wireless such as Bluetooth/Wi-Fi radiates signals in every direction making it inefficient. Wi-R(tm) does not radiate. Signal is confined in a bubble around the e-field surface making it as efficient as wired connectivity.

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