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Dec 2, 2023
Shreyas Sen

Ixana’s Wi-R Chip Wins Coveted CES®2024 Innovation Award

Remember CES 2023? That’s where Ixana first sparked the world’s imagination with Wi-R, its revolutionary wireless communication technology. Fast forward one year, and we’re back on the CES stage, not just showcasing, but being celebrated for a feat that rewrites the rules of connectivity.

Winning at CES isn’t just about trophies; it’s about earning the coveted seal of approval from the industry’s toughest judges. The CES Innovation Awards program, meticulously curated by the Consumer Technology Association, is a crucible where only the most exceptional technologies emerge triumphant. Building on the buzz of CES 2023’s Wi-R reveal, Ixana soars further with a prestigious CES®2024 Innovation Award in Embedded Technologies and Computer Hardware. 

Ixana’s invention, the Wi-R communication chip, reduces energy consumption by 100x compared to radiative wireless technologies like BLE, Wi-Fi, cellular, Zigbee, and Z-Wave, enabling a paradigm shift in wearable technology¹. Our 4Mbit/s YR22 Wi-R chip unleashes the potential of continuous charging-free body-worn health monitoring, video streaming for extended reality, and intuitive human-computer interaction¹.

By enabling complex algorithms to run via distributed computing on battery-powered devices, Wi-R pioneers a new era of ubiquitous computing with seamless connectivity and is of special interest to AR/VR, Audio, physically secure electronics, automotive, healthcare and medical sensors, smartphones and wearables¹. 

The founder and CTO of Ixana, Shreyas Sen expressed his delight, saying, “We are honored to receive the CES® 2024 Innovation Award. Wi-R exemplifies the criteria evaluated for these awards – innovative design and engineering features. We are thrilled that CES 2024 has recognized Wi-R and the significant impact we are making in all facets of the consumer electronics industry.” 

What makes Wi-R truly compelling is not only its innovation in efficient energy consumption, but its role as an enabler for manufacturers to unlock performance and innovation in a wide range of applications¹. By solving the challenge of energy consumption, manufacturers can now design wearables that can even be charging-free. This also opens a world of possibilities for advancements in various industries, making Wi-R a game-changer in the consumer electronics landscape like those exhibiting at CES 2024¹. 

We will be showcasing the Wi-R chip in the Innovation Awards Showcase at CES2024, at Booth 61249 (Venetian Expo) and a Venetian Suite. Reserve a slot to experience Wi-R here: LINK

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Shreyas Sen

Elmore Associate Professor of ECE & BME at Purdue, Founder & CTO of Ixana, MIT TR35, TEDx, GT 40U40
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