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May 4, 2024
Angik Sarkar

Game-Changing Wi-R Technology to Revolutionize Soldier Communications: OTTO Engineering and Ixana Announce Strategic Alliance

New Partnership to Integrate Ixana’s Wi-R Body Area Network Technology into Devices for the Warfighter 

by Shreyas Sen

This news release below first appeared on OTTO’s website. Throughout history, communication advancements have played a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities and safety of our warfighters. Ixana continues this legacy with Wi-R, a revolutionary technology designed to simplify and improve the lives of those who serve.

Tampa, FL May 9, 2024 – OTTO Engineering, a leading developer and manufacturer of ruggedized communications equipment for the tactical market, and Ixana, a pioneer in wireless body area network technology, today announced a strategic alliance aimed at revolutionizing electronic devices used by the warfighter.

This alliance positions OTTO Engineering as the exclusive integration partner for Ixana’s game-changing Wi-R technology in soldier communications, control and monitoring equipment for the Federal and Military markets. The partnership will focus on seamlessly integrating Ixana’s silicon chip into critical soldier gear, including tactical audio devices, military radios, and control interfaces like radio push-to-talk buttons. Beyond direct integration into OTTO products, OTTO will collaborate with other companies to develop and manufacture a wider range of products powered by Ixana’s Wi-R silicon chip. 

This integration will leverage Ixana’s Wi-R, a revolutionary Body Area Network technology that utilizes fields around the human body as secure and reliable communication channels, completely eliminating the need for physical wires, resulting in a truly innovative and seamless way for devices to securely connect with each other. Ixana’s Wi-R technology offers several key benefits:

  • Physical Security: Transmits data securely, minimizing the risk of interception in contested environments. 
  • Improved Efficiency: Significantly reduces power consumption, allowing for longer operational use. 
  • Invisibility: Cannot be detected in contested environments, providing a tactical advantage. 
  • Seamless Connectivity: Wi-R enables direct communication between wearables and other devices, eliminating the need for pairing or cables. 

“We are thrilled to partner with Ixana to bring the transformative Wi-R technology to the tactical market,” said Dan Stanek, President of OTTO Engineering. “This collaboration allows us to leverage our expertise in creating ruggedized communications equipment to integrate Ixana’s state-of-the-art technology into devices that enhance the capabilities of the warfighter.” 

“OTTO Engineering’s proven expertise in rugged communications gear makes them the ideal partner to bring Ixana’s revolutionary Wi-R technology to the tactical market. In these high-stakes environments, the stealth and efficiency advantages of Wi-R are in high demand,” said Shreyas Sen, Founder and CTO of Ixana. “Our collaboration will empower companies to create innovative products that elevate the performance and safety of our warfighters.”

This strategic alliance marks a significant step forward in the advancement of secure and efficient communication technology for the tactical market. OTTO Engineering and Ixana are committed to driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions that support the needs of the warfighter.

For more information, please visit OTTO Engineering’s website or Ixana’s website.

If you’d like to get access to Ixana’s Wi-R chips and evaluation kits, please email us at hello@ixana.ai

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Angik Sarkar

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